La Foga

La Foga is a restaurant with a cozy, joyful, and informal atmosphere where you can feel at home. A diverse menu crafted from fresh, seasonal ingredients, blending Spanish cuisine and international cooking, including some of the most renowned recipes from Mexican and Asian cuisines.

Sunrise brunch

Sunrise presenta una selección única de platos con ingredientes frescos y sabores especiales. Desde clásicos sabrosos como los Huevos Benedictinos hasta delicias dulces como pancakes esponjosos, nuestro brunch tiene algo especial para todos.

Panna Gelati

Artisanal Ice Cream Shop located in the charming neighborhood of El Born, in Barcelona. We craft each day using quality ingredients in our workshop to offer authentic and genuine flavors, sharing our passion for ice cream.

La Guinda

La Guinda is a restaurant in Barcelona where tapas and dishes full of character take center stage. It offers an extensive menu based on fresh produce infused with an international flair. A casual culinary venture for sharing good food with friends and family.


Paella and Seafood Restaurant located on the prestigious Paseo de Sant Joan, in Barcelona. A culinary corner where dedication to the quality and freshness of each ingredient is reflected in authentic rice dishes and sea-inspired tapas. Our menu, 100% crafted in-house, captures the essence of the Mediterranean.